smart lock s8 design

Smart Lock S8 Full Features, Price : Fingerprint use for unlock the Door

Smart Lock S8 Full Features, Price: Smart Lock S8 is latest generation lock for unlocking/Locking door. In this smart Lock has many features- Fingerprint lock, Mobile Controls- Short Description of Topic

Latest technology is changing the way of unlock the door and lock the door. Now New 2016-2017 unlocking technology is ready. Small tick S8 cloud smart lock is new generation lock.

Features of Smart Lock

  • Small Locks
  • Stylish high Security / Sensitive Fingerprint Head
  • SmartPhone Control for Lock and Unlocking
  • The look of this smart lock is very amazing. Quality of this lock is very strong. The life of this is more than 30Years and with high security of fingerprint sensor, Its latest generation fingerprint lock is too much faster, unlocking the door within 0.1second with 5A diamond touch screen, 304 stainless steel hard steel metal lock.
     smart lock s8

    Impressive Way to Unlocking / Locking the Door

    In this new generation lock have amazing feature to lock/unlock the door. User can unlock the door though the mobile phone. The Tenant showings can also send the temporary key by APP, convenient peace of mind, saving time and effort.

    smart lock s8 design

    Great Mind of Smart Lock S8

    User in Ceritical moment this smart lock has a small cloud intelligent remote lock alarm!

  • Password, Fingerprint continuously wrong smart lock automatically lock the door for three minutes and send message alert to mobile phones.
  • Anti-hijacking alarm, when in danger, the police use fingerprints to open the door, your loved ones will receive alarm information.
  • In violent, its automatically sending alarm information to register mobile phones.
  • Market price: ¥ 1599

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