2016 Best Tips & Apps:Increasing battery life of smartphone

2016 Best Tips & Apps:Increasing battery life

Increasing your smartphone Battery Backup

The big problem of smartphones is battery backup, Maximium battery life is 4-5 hours.Now i will share you best battery life increasing settings and some softwares which is also help to increasing battery life.I am sure users just follow the steps and increasing the battery life.

1) Auto – Brightness and Use a dark background

  • Everybody know this setting, smartphones have an auto-brightness feature, but it may help to manually adjust the brightness if you want to make your phone’s battery last longer but users use phone wiht an AMOLED screen, using a black or dark wallpaper can save the battery. More dark or black pixels you have on your screen, the less power your phone will need to illuminate them.

    2)Enable Low Power mode Setting and lock screen notifications

  • If User phone features Android 5.0 or later versions, it will have a low power mode that turns on automatically when your phone battery goes down to 15 percent. On Android Marshmallow, ON your lock screen notifications can extend your phone’s battery life .

    3) Update your Smartphone Properly and Apps also

  • Its the simple ways increasing your battery life,User GO TO SETTING >> PHONE UPDATE >> CHECK YOUR PHONE IS PROPERLY UPDATE.This is best way to increasing battery backup.

    4) Deactivate ringing Vibration and haptic feedback and Short Display timeout

    Having the phone on ringer and on vibration can absorb a good amount of juice out of your phone. So you might want to put off vibration unless you want that as an additional awareness.All android smartphones allow to customize the display timeout time and want to reduce it to a more practical level like 30 seconds.

    Best Apps for Increasing battery life’s

  • 1) Amplify (root only)
  • 2) Battery Saver 2016
  • 3) Greenify
  • 4) GSam Battery Monitor
  • 5) Servicely (root only)
  • 6) DU Battery Saver
  • 7) Juice Defender
  • Best Camera Apps for Android phones

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