3D printers used to embryonic stem cell

3D printers

3D printers used to embryonic stem cell

3D printers used to embryonic stem cell

3D printers technology may used to embryonic stem cell, according to scientists. This is new way to create 3D printed building blocks of embryonic stem cell(ESCs) used ot growing micro organs, testing medication and other biology research purposes.

According to Scientists of Australian Research Council’s Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science(ACES), technology is not in use, it is still in the research. But doctors are sure to use this technology in delivary cases. It is studied by scientists in Tsingua University, China and Drexel University, Philadelphia.

The pen was developed by Peter Choong, director of orthopedics at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, along with ACES director Gordon Wallace. A handheld 3D printing pen allows them to perform what they’re calling “in-situ biofabrication.” It is used to emerging Knee cartilage replacement method like Neocart.

Cost of the 3D Printed BioPen is less then the 3D printed Machinery maybe $10,000. The BioPen allow surgical sculpting of substitute tissue to achieve the desired structure.


– Microsoft Holoportation 3D Presence Technology

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