Indelible Contributions of Satellite Technology to Humans

Humanity has come a long way from brandishing primitive tools back in the stone age to where we are now, having all these modern conveniences that make our lives much easier. Our lives have become so advanced that we are no longer bound to the confines of this planet. We have the capability to launch people or devices into space. One of the installations that people are so familiar with is the satellite. If you have ever used the MSAT-G2 radio to communicate with others, you will know and appreciate that the main technology behind it is up there beyond our atmosphere, just floating through outer space.

We can thank satellite technology for a lot of things. It has advanced a lot of things in our daily lives. Could you imagine how things would turn out without them? They have made great contributions that we have ended up relying on them for a lot of important things.


It would be difficult to have communication lines be distributed solely through terrestrial means. Wireless technology has opened up things greatly. You now have a cellular phone that you can carry with you anywhere and keep in your pocket. It has its limitations, though, as you need to be in close proximity to a cell tower. Satellites can provide greater coverage, which is why satellite phones and radios are choice devices for the military and people who go out to extremely remote areas. The technology can even be applied to the Internet, where it can provide fast connections to almost anywhere in the globe.


There are a few channels that you can access on your TV out of the box. For some that may not be enough, the option is to sign up for subscription service. Seeing dozens of channels is like discovering a new window to the world. You will be exposed to exclusive programs and even content from other countries.

This is possible because of the ability of satellites to beam out signals to any point in the world. These are transmitted to satellite dishes in both the residential and commercial spaces. The latter can be a company that has huge dishes, and they then transmit the signal to their customers using coaxial cables.


Satellites have made great contributions to the world of navigation. Their advanced imaging technology allows them to take what is basically a God’s eye view of the planet. These are the pictures used to create maps of both the physical and digital kind. Other than that, there are other things that can be detected, such as weather movement and ocean depths.

For modern drivers, GPS is the compass that they always dreamed to have. This is a device that can provide map information and can pinpoint your exact location. This is one of the main foundations of vehicle navigation systems being used today.

Satellites have made a huge impact on the lives of many. Without them, you may still be confined to the few channels on your TV, or you might still have a difficult time driving around places you are not familiar with. But these are just some of the problems that have been solved by these devices in the sky. It is exciting to think about what other innovations satellites can bring in the future.

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