Apple New Innovation MacBook with Touchscreen Keyboard

Apple Touchscreen keyboards

Apple New Innovation Mac with Touchscreen Keyboard

Apple New Innovation Mac with Touchscreen Keyboard

Apple Coming with new great innovations , Now Apple coming with MacBook touchscreen keyboard.Now Laptops users that turn into tablets, tablets with detachable keyboards.

 Apple Touchscreen keyboards
Now we are about Touchscreen keyboard underneath the display.Everyone use touchscreen on your phone but now users touchscreen on laptops also.Typing on a touchscreen is great for short messages easily but try typing a large paragraphs and long emails little differculty on starting.In 2016 Companies like Microsoft and Apple use detachable keyboard accessories (Like and apple iPad Pro series) for some large and heavy laptops .

Apple still now working for future where laptops with touchscreens.
While keyboard-lovers would be up-in-arms if the MacBooks adopted this new system, it would allow for flexible, custom keyboards just like those on iOS. The keyboard layout could change depending on the application being used.

Advantages Apple Touchscreen keyboards :

  • Helps to increasing the battery life of laptops
  • When using an application like Photoshop, the keyboard could be replaced with shortcuts for commands
  • Pull up a numberpad when using it with spreadsheets
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