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Top Best battery saver apps of 2016,Tricks How to increase battery life on android and Free download apk battery saver – follow steps and increase battery life – Short Description of Topic

Tricks How to increase battery life on android

Do Setting first : Go to Setting >> About >> 5-6 taps on Build number >> Go back to setting >> click on developer options >> Disable Window animation scale >> Disable Transition animation scale >> Animator Window animation scale.

  • Use power saving mode
  • Uninstall or disable useless apps
  • Auto – Brightness and Use a dark background
  • Update your Smartphone Properly and Apps also
  • Deactivate ringing Vibration and haptic feedback and Short Display timeout
  • Best Battery Saver apps

    Amplify – Best battery saver

    Amplify battery saver
    Amplify latest and most popular app in Playstore.It’s a root-only application that gives you all kinds of control over various things that can save you battery life. Amplify control everything in smartphone and increase the battery life and performance of smartphone (User just deactive animations, wake locks and decrease the lock screen timing).Best thing is that its free for android user and premium is also available, if you want to buy.Download it and increasing 50% battery performance.The user interface is very simple and easy to operate. Amplify app is very lighter only 1.0MB. The rating and reviews is very good.
    Download Amplify (Free)


    Greenify battery saver
    Greenify app is second best option for you beacause this app performance is really very good.Greenify is an app that can be used by root users or by non-root users.This app control every app in background and erase the problems, why smartphone using too much battery.Greenify app user interface is very simple. Its really best option increasing battery life.The Rating and review is very good of Greenify app.
    Download Greenify battery saver (Free)

    DU Battery Saver

    DU Battery Saver
    DU Battery Saver is one of best Battery saver in playstore.Its also known as battery doctor.It’s totally free for android user and also available in premium features. DU Battery Saver is very helpfull to increase the battery life of android phone,download it and increase 45% battery performance. It has some special algorithms which controls the CPU performance and manages the battery of android device. The rating and reviews is very good about DU Battery Saver, More Than 2.5million downloads.
    Download DU Battery Saver (Free)

    Juice Defender

    Juice Defender is also best battery saver in Google playstore. The user interface of Juice Defender app is very easy and design is simple.This app is increase your smartphone performance. It manages the most battery draining activities like 3G/4G connectivity, WiFi and multitasking. This apps totally free for android – Smartphone and tablets. Juice Defender rating and reviews is very good and download is more than 7million.
    Download Juice Defender (Free)

    More Helpfull Apps


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