The Best Email Marketing Toolset: The Features Review

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Email marketing has in the past gained much traction as a viable marketing tool. The ease of using it, minimal expenses, and high conversion rates are the major contributors to its mainstream appeal. This form of marketing has several supporting tools that enable the whole marketing stint to be successful. Most of them are online-based.

We offer you to have a look at the features review, the best email marketing toolset that provides all the necessary instruments including email drip campaigns. is a platform that you will definitely want to have after looking deeper into its functionality.


Professional Email Search has a professional email search feature that allows you to fish out email addresses not just on the professional social network but on any website too. These emails represent worthy traffic that can easily convert to sales.

There is also the domain email search that gets you email addresses of the owners as well as their contact details so that you can personalize emails later.


Email Verifier has an email checker that is relevant in filtering out obsolete email addresses. In email marketing, it is important that all promotional messages reach the intended recipients. So invalid emails need to be separated from the valid ones with the high potential conversion.

The email verifier makes sure that the email addresses on the list are active and that they are able to receive emails and thanks to it you will soon improve the delivery rate. As a point to note, a high percentage of undelivered emails due to obsolete addresses may lead to the suspension of your email account. Email Verifier can check emails either individually or in bulk. Bulk verification can tremendously reduce your workload.


Email Drip Campaigns

With email drip campaigns, you can send out a multitude of prewritten messages to potential clients on your address list. Drip messages help in saving time and you can complete your marketing stint in a short time.

Drip email is more efficient when having a particular target market on your mind. Due to their homogenous wants, you can craft a single message sequence, add custom variables as many as possible, and send them to all of the recipients. Due to personalization, every email will look different and people will be glad to see an email that was composed for them personally.


Email Tracker

The email tracking feature is available for Gmail and allows you to know what happens to your sent emails. You can know if your email was delivered and if it was opened or not. You also receive information on clicked links. This is good for recording purposes as well as sizing down to your target market. With it, you can also postpone and schedule the emails.

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Technology Checker

The Tech Checker tool gives you a glimpse of what your competitor is up to in terms of marketing tools, web frameworks, and solutions. It furnishes you with relevant information and new strategies key to keeping you afloat in your business.


Bottom Line is a credible email marketing tool as seen in the features it has and its relevance. The email checker, for example, prevents your account from suspension by filtering out obsolete emails from your contact list. The email drip campaigns tool, on the other hand, helps in sending highly-targeted messages to several recipients at once.

You can opt for the premium plan to get access to a higher number of credits that can be used for marketing purposes. For a fulfilling email marketing stint, ensure you sign up for an account with

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