Best Free Addicting Games for Android (Latest of 2016-2017) : Play Now!

Best Addicting Games for Android (Latest of 2016-2017), Free download paid Addiction games of 2016 & Free Apk file.Addicting games shooting, Mission,Puzzle,Running – Short Description about the Topic.

Best Free Addicting Games of 2016

We all love to play games on phones or on any other gadgets.But we all got addicted with some games which are user friendly look easy but quite tuff kind of games attract us more. So here we come with the list of best addictive games of 2016.

1. Timberman :

Timberman is latest most popular games in a playstore .It a game presenting by Digital Melody. By name of the game
we can understand we have to chop woods and but the twist is that by avoiding branches. It is an old-school acrade style game. This game seems easy, difficult to master. So pick up axe yours and start chop the trees.
Download Timberman Now

2. Vector :

Vector game is basically a action game. Game introduced by Nekki.Vector is a man who run with freedom by extraordinary skills. He fed up with materialistic world and want to run. He is kind a modern
Ninja. But his big brother chased him and want to take with him. Now he run for his dreams.
Download Vector Now

3. Impossible Journey :

 impossible journey
Impossible Journey is also very popular in playstore. We all love fascinating games to play. This game is presenting by ketchapp. Impossible journey is about three different worlds journey where we tacklea with our enemies. On each levels we got some powers like , jumping boots and jet pack. So are you ready to fly lets GO.
Download Impossible Journey Now

4. Mad Dex :

mad dex
Most fabulous and challenging game is Mad Dex and presenting by game guild. In this game you are little brave whose girlfriend is being kidnapped by a giant monster. Monster ruled on whole city and you have to save her for Love.
By crossing obstacles with your parkour skills you have to save her life.
Download Mad Dex

5. Current Stream :

current stream
To sharp your mind play Puzzle games, it also relax your mind. Current stream is Beautiful user friendly and simple game. In this solve Puzzles by rotating tiles and give energy to bulbs to lighten up. Infinity games featured
this game. So blow your mind.
Download Current Strem Now

6. Swing :

swing android games
Some people like real life based games, all of us once in life take swing. This game refresh our childhood memories.
Swing is featured by Ketchapp. In this game we have to swing the rope and stay on platform.The level goes on, it is about how much time you can survive.
Download Swing Now

7. Color Switch :

Color Switch
This is one of the most addictive game of this year world-widely. Fortafy Games introduce this game. Color Switch is a game about follow the color patterns and reach on next level by cross the
Download Color Switch Now

8. Blown Away: First try :

Black Pants Studio GmbH presents this game. This game is loved by people all around the world. Hendrick left with only one hair on his head and a pair of teleporting shoes. Wind blown away all his home materials. Now he
try to find his things.
Download Blown Away: First try Now

9. Infinity Loop :

Infinity Loop
This is mind game which sharp your mind and relax your mind with all activities of a day. This is a end less game , we have intricate looping things and make them in a particular manner for fun. while playing this game you will definitely forget about your stress.
Download Infinity Loop NOW

10. True Skate :

True SkateMost of people love outdoor games, True skate is all about skating. All you have to do is Skating while performing Some stunts in a skate park. True Axis Presenting this game. For beginners of Skating must play this game, this game improve your skills.
Download True Skate Now

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