8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

Many of you love spending your time listening to music but today Ustechportal is out with something interesting for music lovers. Today we will talk about the bot. This is a bot designed for music lovers to enhance their experience of music to the next level and to deliver high-quality music to its users. Many of you would think what is a music bot? A bot is a software programme that is designed and developed to perform a certain task the best thing about a bot is that it runs from instructions without any human interference.
The best thing about discord is that they support both text and voice channels. You can have your music bot join your voice channel and stream live music from sources like Youtube, SoundCloud.
However, creating a discord music bot is not everyone’s cup of tea. But there is need of being expert in coding for that. There are a hundred options available for you to choose from.

1. Rythm Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives
Rythym is a bot specially dedicated to music with over 5.2 million discord servers. The bot is designed to deal with only music-related command and it is constantly being updated with fixes and improvements to fulfil their user requirements.
The discord bot currently supports playback from sources like YouTube, SoundCloud live streams and Twitch. There are many exciting features available on Rythm to talk about.
• You can play your songs directly from YouTube based on the command given from you to the bot.
• You can also have finer control and command over what song will be played. The search command of the Rythm music bot provides the first few search results on YouTube and allows you to select which song you want to be played next.
• URL is helpful only when you know which song to be played. You can simply play the YouTube video URL.
• You can also play your favourite music based on your playlists. You can simply your playlist URL and Rythm will automatically queue all the songs it can play from your playlist.
The administrative is also very vigorous too. You can also restrict the usage of your bot. The DJ role can help you prevent duplicate songs from being played from the queue and you can also set max queue length.
You can also control Rythm from the web dashboard but it now available in beta version. The web dashboard enables you to request play, request, pause without using discord commands.

Check out Rythm’s list of commands here. Click here to invite Rythm to your server.

2. Groovy Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

Groovy is also the best option available and it has also gone through redesigned and rename.
Groovy is a music bot that is rich in a feature on the discord platform that delivers a world-class experience.
Groovy is easy to use. It supports platform like YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify it has features such as song shuffling, displaying lyrics of the song that is being played, queuing.
Groovy also has some premium features that are best for the music lovers
• It has audio effects like bass boost, vaporwave and nightcore that will impress your friends and family.
• The 24/7 music feature allows you to force Groovy to stay on forever.
• You can save your songs in the queue to play the songs later.
• One premium account will let you have 3 Groovy accounts at the price of one.
It means Groovy has every feature a music lover will love. The ease of using Groovy makes it the most loved discord music bot loved by the users.

Check out Groovy’s list of commands here. Click here to invite Groovy to your server.

3. FredBoat Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives
Fredboat is complex to use than other discord music bot mentioned. But it is packed with features that will blow your mind. With Fredboat you can stream music from many platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Mixer, Wastebin and Spotify. You can also stream your favourite music with the help of direct links.
The most used features of FredBoat is shuffling, repeating, and play history and you can also export the current queue as a Hastebin file. FredBoat has three different levels for access admin, DJ and user you can choose your access level as per your needs.
When it comes to using music bots you can find a lot of option available but all are not up to the mark there are issues such as bug and limitation in platform support.

4. 24/7 Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

This is another great source for listening to music. But it supports only music playback from different sources but you can stream any radio station around with the help of it. It also has an amazing feature you can even play any live YouTube event that is being streamed. You can also play pause create a playlist of your favourite songs. Note that some features are only available for Patreon contributors. Keep that in mind while using this bot.

5. ErisBot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

The best thing about this discord music bot it is easy to use. You can use your custom prefix command to control the bot. Some times ErisBot plays video instead of playing audio when you are using YouTube links. This is the only issue we faced while using this music bot otherwise I would recommend this music bot to anyone who is looking for something amazing.

6. Zandercraft Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

As we all know that Zandercraft has many more features such as GIFs and fun features. I used Zandercraft for just playing music. Zandercraft has the capability of playing music in XHD providing its user’s world-class musical experience. Zandercraff has all the usual features that a music bot should have. It has features like playing songs, creating your playlist, adding new songs to queue.

7. BMO Bot 

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives
If you are looking for something more than a music bot than this music bot is for you. The bot support image manipulations, games, utilities.
But as we are talking about music today we will only focus on that. You can play, pause add your favourite song to the queue. The bot worked pretty fast and delivers songs in good quality. Visit Link

8. Vexera Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives
Vexera is another great option for music lovers. The bot delivers a smooth and lag-free experience. You can play your favourite song from YouTube without any fuss. You can directly search your favourite songs and can control music playback.

9. Octave Bot

8 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music: Rythm Bot Alternatives

With Octave, you can play music from both SoundCloud and YouTube. Moderators will have the freedom to stop, pause, and remove songs. One of the best things about Octave is that it has good uptime, meaning it’s unlikely the server will go down that often, so you’ll almost always have music playing in the background

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