HTC Halfbreak Wearable Review : Specification, Advantages,Disadvantages,Features

HTC Halfbeak Wearable Review : Specification,Advantages,Disadvantages,Features,Pictures: Review about the Design/Straps/Side buttons. Fitness Tracking Review of Halfbeak – Short Description about Topic.

HTC Halfbeak Wearable Review

HTC has ready to comes with new device HTC Halfbeak wearable.Now HTC made Android smartwatch, leak the some details and pictures and more usefull information. HTC has made the simple and beautifull wearable HTC Halfbeak. The Round Design of this device is very attractive and premium look.Firstly, the watch has a circular display with a resolution of 360 x 360 and great thing is that, its water-resistant.
HTC Halfbeak Wearable pictures

Side Buttons & Straps

In HTC Halfbeak wearable has two right side buttons for Power on/off and more options.HTC never compromise the Quality of smartwatch, the Strap of this watch is strong, high strength, flexible.

Features of HTC Halfbeak

Now HTC has partnership with Under Armour for healthbox.HTC build and sell an Android Wear smartwatch under its own brand, but building a fitness-focused smartwatch. This smartwatch will be measure all activity of day. Calculate the heart rate, Running, Cycling, GYM, Health tracking and more.
Connectivity with Android Smartphones easily

Question in your Mind ?

– What level of water resistance ? (Give you Answer Very Soon).
– How much internal storage ? (Give you Answer Very Soon).


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