iphone SE best trick:Use it easy your life.

iphone SE best trick:Use it easy your life.

iphone SE best trick:Use it easy your life – How to Hide Photos, How to increase battery life ,How to use Flash for great selfies, How to turn on Hey siri – Short description of topic.

iphone SE best trick:Use it easy your life.

How to hide photos

Hide Photos in iphone SE
Hide your secret collections of photos.Easy way – Select the photo do you want to hide and tap share >> Click on hide.You can tap, hold, and drag to select multiple photos. They will still be visible in the Album and All Photos view.

Easy to use siri “Hey Siri”

How to turn on hey siri
Easy to use “Hey Siri”.The iphone SE hands free working, you don’t need to unlock the your iphone, user just say “Hey Siri”.Then tell your iphone SE, what you want to do.
How to turn on “Hey Siri”. Go to Setting >> General >> Siri and tap the toggle button for Allow ‘Hey Siri’.

Use Retina Flash for Great selfies

How to use retina flash
If you love taking selfies then you’re going to really appreciate the Retina Flash feature of the iPhone SE, which will help make photos you take with the front-facing camera look even better, especially in low light conditions.Retina Flash uses the screen of the iPhone SE to illuminate your selfies by glowing three times brighter than usual. The True Tone feature checks the ambient light of your surroundings, and matches the light in Retina Flash for more natural looking colours.

How to Locked your important notes

How to lock-note
The Notes is very important for everyone and very secret data safe in notes.Easy Way to lock notes with password Or your fingerprint lock.Folow steps – Go to settings >> Notes >> Password .Use Touch ID. To actually lock an individual note, open it up and tap the Share icon, and then hit Lock Note.

Make calls even without cellular signal

The iphone SE have great feature, Calling with cellular networks.The iphone SE is ability of wifi-calling, enable you to make and receive calls even if you have no cellular signal.
Just User doing simple Setting to use this feature – Go to Settings >> Phone >> Wifi calling >> set to ON.

Enable Low Power Mode

How to activate Low power mode
Enable Low Power mode is use to user to increasing the 20% ofbattery life. Low power mode reduces the performance, network activity, Background App refresh, motion effect and animated wallpaper is disable.

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