iPhone7 Totally Wireless, Overview of Wireless Features (Video)

iPhone7 Totally Wireless, Overview of Wireless Features (Video)

iPhone7 Totally Wireless, Overview of Wireless Features


iphone7 and iphone 7(plus) release on New Year Starting.Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) coming with hOt features.IPhone craze in all our world.

Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) Impressive Features

Iphone Developer change too many quality of iphone7 and Iphone7(plus).

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List of changes Qualityies in Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus)

  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) Waterproof
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) No headphone jack
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) Dual-lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) (A10 64bit Chipset Upgraded processor 6-Core Strong Hexacore Processor)
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) Two screen sizes and non-metal design
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) Flexible phone
  • Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) operating system is iOS 10(Advance).
  • In Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) built Touch ID into Screen (3D fingerprint image Sensor)
  • Apple Launch all New iPhones and Gadgets in Ending of 2016
  • Apple iPhone7 is coming with very Compact size (4.7inches)
  • Apple iphone7(plus)model coming with (5.5 inches)size.
  • Apple iPhone7 and iPhone7(plus) is better battery backup than iPhones(6 and 6s).
  • Apple iPhone7 and iPhone7(plus) display is higher screen resolution more better pixel density of iphone6 plus and iPhone6s plus.Apple iphone7 and iphone7 display is more harder and Stronger than iphone 6 and 6plus.iphone7 display is protected with Gorilla Glass4″
  • 16GB is very Low Storage for iPhone user.Now iPhone is Coming with 32GB internal Storage + (5GB icloud Storage) with Option 64GB and 128GB.
  • iPhone7 display is Edge-to-Egde screen desgin and Wireless Charging feature.

    iphone7 and iPhone7(plus) impressive Features

    iphone7 and iphone7(plus) is flexible phone.Apple was recently awarded a patent for “FLEXIBLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES”.Flexible device bodies on the Exterior and Flexible Components inside,flexible display.
    iphone7 is waterproof Ustechportal.com

    Iphone7 and Iphone7(plus) official Waterproofing this time.iphone 7 new features Gesture passcode.iphone7 is charger is wireless.

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