North Korea decided to block Twitter, Facebook & YouTube



North Korea decided to block Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

North Korea decided to block Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

The government of North Korea decided to officially Block Social media and Adult websites in Korea. There is very few
North Koreans have internet access, Facebook and Twitter are especially announced to block in country. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications posted this week at the country’s main mobile service provider, Koryolink, and other places serving Internet users.

Not only Adult websites but also Gambling websites will be blocked in N. Korea. Foreigner will affected with this restrictions, Because there’s limited internet access in N. korea. Now totally will be blocked. These restrictions will make it harder for visitors to share pictures or information about the rogue nation. The Government announcement especially name YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Voice of America and South Korean media sites for blocking for a certain period of time. Facebook and Twitter had been informally blocked for months and could not be accessed Friday in a Web search from Pyongyang.

It is estimated that more than 2 million North Koreans now use mobile phones, but with few exceptions access to the Internet is limited to officials, technicians or others who have special permission to use it, usually under close supervision. North Korea decided in 2013 to allow foreigners in the country to use 3G on their mobile phones, which generally require a local SIM card to get onto the Koryolink mobile carrier network.

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