Professional Shredding has Never Been Easier or Greener

We’re living in an era characterized by heightened concern for privacy and increased awareness of the serious problems facing the world’s ecosystems. High profile data breaches affecting multinational corporations as well as prominent political parties have made everybody conscious of the consequences of a data breach, while the increasingly dire warnings from scientists about climate change are as important as ever.

These are major concerns and very broad actions are required to tackle them adequately, but sometimes a thousand small actions can lead to real change. Privacy and climate awareness actually dovetail nicely in what may be a surprising place: professional document shredders.


In addition to helping address privacy and environmental concerns, contemporary pro shredders deliver convenient services right to your door. Read on to learn more about how today’s document shredders make avoiding data breaches easy and environmentally friendly.


Mobile Document Shredding

Paper gets heavy quickly, and transporting sensitive documents can be a nerve-wracking experience. Today’s reliable mobile document shredding companies erase this problem by making it easy to have them picked up right at your door.

For smaller volumes of paper to be destroyed, industry leaders have their own mobile shredding truck to eliminate the sensitive material right there. If you have banking records, tax information, business plans, or a manageable volume of sensitive papers you’d like to have destroyed, this is the option for you.

For larger volumes, the company will still come right to your door but they’ll transport the material to their premises where it will be securely destroyed. Either way, you can get peace of mind with just a phone call, and never have to worry about the logistics of transporting heavy and sensitive material.

Call the best pro shredders today to keep your home and business safe from data breaches. As with other modern industries across sectors, today’s professional shredders have become quintessentially modern in that their service’s appear right at your door.


Environmental Protections

It really is impossible to overstate the need for businesses and citizens to greatly reduce their carbon footprint, as more and more scientists warn of dire problems. How best to tackle the climate crisis is a huge topic beyond the scope of any one article, but what’s clear is that any reduction in environmental harm is an important gain.


This is especially true for companies which routinely go through huge volumes of paper, and other materials which should be recycled. Thousands of trees get saved every year by such initiatives, because the magnitude of paper consumed by businesses can be quite shocking.


The best professional shredders also recycle electronic waste from sensitive data stored on such devices. This is equally important but can be more labour intensive, since certain components may need to be recycled in different end locations. Only engage a professional shredder which takes its commitment to recycling seriously. 

Keep your home and company safe from a data breach in a way that’s environmentally friendly and highly convenient by hiring a contemporary professional shredder.


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