SnapChat (2016 update) New Features – Notes ,Video chatting, Stickers

SnapChat (2016 update) New Features – Notes ,Video chatting, Stickers

Snapchat is popular app in Playstore.Now Snapchat coming with new update features,Update is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.In update addition collection of in-chat stickers, which is takes from other Messenger apps like – (Facebook,Line) and completely changed the snapchat video chat and instant message feature.New snapchat update allow to users to send notes , Minimize video chat.The new feature changed the ways of message on snapchat and more additional features

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– Send Notes on Snapchat – Notes are the Latest feature coming in snapchat.Notes meaning – User can send short recordings (Video OR Audio).Now user can easyly send the your friends short recording just as you would a snap or message. How to use Note To record a video note note in new snapchat ,User will just press and hold the Facetime icon.To send Audio note ,press and hold the Telephone button and speak your message into the phone.

– Use Voice chatting and Audio chatting – Now users personalvideo chatting system on snapchat has been working with one push of button.Voice chat is also added to make the app an internet-enabled replacement for phone services. How to Video chatting on new Snapchat Now user will tap the camera button below the text box.Including the capture button and the button to record notes on snapchat.Now user easly to do Audio chatting with friends How to Audio chatting on new Snapchat – Audio chatting is started by Trap the phone button below the textbox.

– New Stickers in New Snapchat Update – Now Snapchat creating a New sticker for Snapchat users like (Sloth, dogs and some other news and Creative stickers).To send sticker to friends is very easly ,tap the smiley face icon below the text.When you see the number of new stickers ,Select and Send Stickers to your Friend circle .Thank You.
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