Consistent equipment performance at its peak is the biggest gain of using software for preventive maintenance

Maintaining plant and equipment in modern manufacturing and servicing industries is quite complex, and it is equally challenging to manage and control preventive maintenance programs without any technological aid. This has led to the popularity of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) that utilizes some Preventative Maintenance Software to ensure that all machines and equipment are always up and running. Initially, CMMS was used for hospital equipment maintenance where the breakdown of critical equipment could result in life-threatening situations. Today, it has become an integral part of all industries.  

Manual preventive maintenance systems are now history because it provides very little scope in ensuring all-around maintenance. Realizing that the paper systems are nothing more than just maintaining a record of scheduled maintenance, industries have embraced CMMS that covers wider aspects of equipment and machinery maintenance including maintaining an asset register and doing its allied accounting.

Let us now look into the capabilities of the software that assures all equipment consistently perform at its peak.

Software for Preventive Maintenance

Automated work ordering

With the help of preventive maintenance systems, companies can visualize as well as automate work order processes for streamlining workflows and build efficient processes.   It even helps to monitor and track the maintenance jobs captured in the maintenance request cycle. The management can monitor maintenance activities along with its history and even assign tasks to individuals. It improves communication and does away with the need of micromanaging technicians who have enough clarity about the things to do.

Generating reports

Reports of all maintenance work carried out on equipment reflect its health by revealing the number of instances of repair done. The management is thus able to decide about the need for replacing assets that are more susceptible to breakdowns. The context of carrying out preventive maintenance and the type of activities involved in the process becomes clear from the report. The management gets a bird’s eye view of all equipment. Depending on the kind of software, different types of reports are available.  Some reports help to evaluate the maintenance done for equipment under warranties that add value to assets.

Work delegation

Work delegation

Delegation is a very important aspect of maintenance, and it requires deft coordination and communication among the maintenance team members to carry out the tasks efficiently. The software helps to allocate different tasks to individuals and even assign them responsibilities for looking after equipment in specific areas of the work floor. By using the software for delegating work, it is possible to prevent redundancy.  Individuals can keep better track of the work they do that gives them more satisfaction in doing a good job.

Asset monitoring

The software comes with the facility of asset management that helps in asset tracking and monitoring by using advanced techniques of GPS fleet tracking and providing video feeds of physical assets. This feature of the preventive maintenance package makes it easy for users to track asset utilization as well as performance and costs that help to optimize asset performance more effectively.

Timely maintenance of equipment ensures consistent performance that enhances productivity.

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